11 — 14 AUGUST 2021 • Berlin and Online

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In 2021, Berlin questions will take place in hybrid format: both online and live at various locations in Berlin. Hurry up and save your ticket now!…

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Fourth edition of Berlin questions announced

From 11 to 14 August, the conference Berlin questions will take over the city of Berlin for the fourth time. Under the title Metropolis: The New Now, international speakers will meet in iconic locations across the city to discuss the most pressing issues of our time.

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Berlin questions is an annual, multi-day conference and a platform for transdisciplinary dialogue - providing ideas for structural change and collective action. Since 2017, the conference has made Berlin a home for debate, inviting politicians, journalists and artists from all over the world to address topics of global importance. This year's edition of the conference, Metropolis: The New Now, is dedicated to local solutions to global challenges, with a special focus on the future of the city after the Covid-19 pandemic. Hosted by Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller, the conference will take place in a hybrid format for the first time: both in person at various locations in Berlin and online, via livestream or in a 3D virtual environment.

Berlin and Online • 11 — 14 August 2021 • Berlin and Online • 11 — 14 August 2021 • Berlin and Online • 11 — 14 August 2021 • Berlin and Online • 11 — 14 August 2021 • Berlin and Online • 11 — 14 August 2021 • Berlin and Online • 11 — 14 August 2021 • Berlin and Online • 11 — 14 August 2021 • Berlin and Online • 11 — 14 August 2021 •

Mayors Statement

Message from the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller

The New Now – What does the present mean for the future? What lessons do we need to learn from the here and now in order to hit the ground running after the pandemic? What role will metropolises play in this process? And why are we asking this question in Berlin? One thing is certain: around the globe, for more than a year now, we have seen the coronavirus turn our world upside down. All spheres and all facets of the urban life we knew are under siege. As though it were a magnifying glass, the pandemic is bringing not only ordinary challenges into sharp focus, but society’s big questions as well. That’s because the pandemic struck in the midst of what were already sweeping changes – digital transformation, urbanization, and climate change – and their corollary impact on social justice, democracy, and freedom. These are all issues that still have special urgency in these pandemic times. (...)

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Marathon for the New Now

What is your idea for the future of the city after the Covid-19 pandemic? Suggest a contribution for the grand finale of Berlin questions: the Marathon for the New Now. On the closing day of the conference anyone is invited to present their work or ideas around the theme of this year’s edition, Metropolis: The New Now, which explores the future of the city after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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WED 11.08.21

Main Conference Day

Dating back to 1885, E-WERK is Germany’s oldest surviving electrical substation. With its impressive quadrant-shaped control room, it is one of the few architectural remnants of the country’s industrial past, and served for years as a techno club. Today, E-WERK is an events venue in the heart of Berlin Mitte that welcomes people from across the worlds of art, culture, business and media. Versatile and central, it is the quintessential urban location, and as such will welcome international mayors on the opening day of the conference.

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Thu 12.08.21

Deep Dive Program

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Fri 13.08.21

Deep Dive Program

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Sat 14.08.21

Deep Dive Program

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What is the fair balance between individual and collective interests?

Vicente Fox

An appeal against sexual violence and human rights violations

Nadia Murad

Urban Angst and Stamina. What are the promising concepts to handle the rise and fall of the cities?

Rem Koolhaas

What do we do when there is nothing left to do?

Muhammad Yunus

Imagine yourself as the other self. How do we embrace tolerance and difference?

Cao Fei

Culture and AI - Creatives can never be replaced by AI - or can they?

Florian Illies

Revolutionary revelations in climate studies

Dr. Friederike Otto

Women’s empowerment through volunteer work

Suhani Jalota